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The uncertainties posed by the Oracle acquisition effort, along with the short-term outlook of most Boardrooms, and, as forecasted, continued client profit / Earnings per Share (EPS) pressures, all have had an impact on the market.

Oracle’s commitment to development of the next iterations of PeopleSoft's (and JDE's) suites, and to application support until 2013, have helped. PeopleSoft 9 is a dead end; but Oracle will support the products until 2013. Various releases over time will be de-supported, so customers will have to continue to upgrade applications periodically in order maintain support. Eventually however, they'll be encouraged to migrate to the next-generation product.

One positive sign is the high marks Oracle has received for its continued support of JDE applications. Furthermore, it’s clear Oracle is putting much more emphasis on applications as a core product line, another encouraging omen. With Oracle's Applications Unlimited plan, under which it will indefinitely maintain, enhance, and support PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and Siebel applications, as well as its own E-Business Suite, there's significantly less pressure on customers to jump to Fusion.

Contracting will lead in demand, but volatility will require ever more careful planning. Full-time opportunities will remain modest for an extended period. Senior Functional HRMS / HCM, Supply Chain, CRM, and EPM; along with Technical Integration, and Admin/DBA, should find the strongest interest. But with the plethora of experience currently available on the market, flexibility, together with careful planning, is especially important.


Overall PeopleSoft demand will remain temperate across the U. S. and overseas. Highest demand currently exists in the following areas:




Continued modest PeopleSoft demand through most of the year. Contract strategies should include flexibility and careful planning.


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