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Despite existing interest for the more robust and more developed offerings, as well as for greater B2B collaboration, the eRelationship Management consulting market continues to feel the impact of the client profit pressures we had forecast. Those pressures of course intensified as the economy slipped into recession. “No” quickly replaced the Boardroom’s prior chant of “when can we have it” for all things eBusiness. The traction B2B e-Commerce previously gained will return, but only on a gradual recovery and at a less heated pace.

Emphasis on B2B collaboration, customer-facing support and productivity; expanding Enterprise Relationship Management (B2E) and CRM functionality; and increasing integration with ERP and Supply Chain (SCM) for order fulfillment, will all add impetus.

Contracting will lead the up-tick in demand, but volatility will require careful planning. Full-time consulting opportunities will lag initially... B2B collaboration, along with B2E, E-commerce / Internet Architects skilled in the specification, development, and delivery of Java / EJB / J2EE, XML, and MQ Series projects should find the strongest initial demand. Ariba Enterprise Sourcing, SAP BBP, Vignette V6, and IBM WebSphere 5.1 skills will be valued. Manugistics Supply Chain demand should recover well.

Analytics / DW (Data Warehousing) / BI (Business Intelligence), as addressed elsewhere, will see marketing intensity, although not enough to overcome economic conditions nor concerns from earlier DW/BI/CRM efforts. Blue Martini / CRM, as well as eCRM E.piphany, SAS analytics, Microstrategy eCRM, and Genesys consultant skills should find moderate demand. Siebel eBusiness, PeopleSoft CRM, SAP CRM, and Oracle CRM will trail analytics demand.

EAI / B2Bi consulting, such as Vitria, SeeBeyond, and Crossworlds should also see an earlier rebound. NexPrise ipTeam, InterWorld, Syncra, i2 Technologies’ portal skills along with Plum Tree, Epicentric, BackWeb, and Tibco should also recover quickest. And, Security consulting will grow, e.g. Netegrity, Check Point, Guardent - although more gradually than generally forecast.


Overall demand remains modest across all U. S. and international locations. Highest demand currently exists in the following areas (which can translate into reduced travel requirements for deep-skilled full-time candidates and possibly local project consultants):



Moderate demand through most of the year. Continued technology volatility.

Forecast/Market Accuracy Rating, through prior 24 months: Very High

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